This post was originally called “Week 1 Weight Watchers – I did it!”. However, life got in the way, and eventually I forgot about posting it so away it went.

It is one of those things that I am into right now but don’t want to annoy all my friends on Facebook with the 5,000 things I could say about Weight Watchers so I figured the blog would be a great place. Not sure if I can keep the posts up weekly – but I hope too.

I’m ready to lose – and I am ready to lose A LOT.

Why did I start doing Weight Watchers?
I start Weight Watchers about 340 times a year. I get to dinner time on Day 1 and then everything goes downhill from there. Hunger takes over. Food opportunities take over (such as someone bringing in donuts to work or food gets delivered to the house or a party comes up) and maybe 60 other reasons that come up which make me blow it and I can NEVER pick myself up again.

I was 177ish last spring. That had been the product of stress and actually the lightest I had been since I had my second son, Alex. A few weeks ago, I jumped on the scale and it was 197.5. The last time I was that weight, I was 8 months pregnant with Alex. So not acceptable. I felt like crap and looked even worse. My clothes were not fitting anymore and the size 16 I had been for YEARS were busting at the seams. Not even the size I wanted to be in any way.

I had just ordered Fitbit and got a meal journal in the mail. I had already been paying for WW for a while so once I saw that number on the scale, the stars aligned and here I am. Ready to start week 3.

Week 1
I lost 6 lbs in my first week and was so happy! I was crazy strict. It was even Father’s Day weekend filled with a brunch at a restaurant and I caved and had cheesecake. After I finished the cheesecake, I felt kind of miserable. I was weighing in the next day and I probably just mess up an awesome first week weigh in. I told myself I would have a low pt. dinner and move on. Instead I decided to find points for the cheesecake and see how my day looked. I may have gone over points by just a few come the end of the day which are taken out of extra points given to you for such occasions. I dodged that bullet and weighed in with a 6 lb loss!

Week 2
I weigh in tomorrow morning. I have had a very active weekend and so far have stayed strict with what I am eating. My husband bought me some WW ice cream and we have been trying out WW recipes. We have hardly been cooking since Christian got diagnosed with ALL last summer, so it has been easy getting Cesar to agree on the meals I make and they have been great!

The WW meal I tried out last week was the Chicken Taco Chili in the crock pot. We have had it maybe 2-3 times before and LOVED it. One of the best chili recipes I have had before. Last night, we had left over rotisserie chicken and Cesar wanted green beans with it. Well, I hate green beans but decided to find a recipe for them on WW and found an Asian Green Bean recipe. We did that and mixed it with chicken and it was fantastic! I knew the points values since it was a WW recipe and then I weighted out my chicken before I added it.

Now it is Sunday morning and I’m still waiting for everyone to get up and we can eat. I am debating making pancakes with blueberries. I need to plug in my recipe to find the point value. If I end up with a salad for lunch then I could pull a breakfast like that off. I did not use all my points yesterday and I still have a ton of bonus points left for the week but with weigh in tomorrow, I may stick with an egg omelette and fruit.

It I weighed in today, I would be 188.5. That is a 9 lb loss in 2 weeks. Which I think would make a 3 lb loss for this week roughly. I know that it will end up being a 1-2 lb loss weekly in the weeks to come so I am happy that my first two weeks have been significant.

My Inspiration
My sister. Us Larson girls can never get a break in the weight category. Over the last few years, she has created her own diet. No meetings, no points, just low carb and has a routine. She has lost a tremendous amount of weight and I swear to God she looks younger than me and way healthier than I do. She has a strict routine during the work day and I am feeding off her as to what I should eat. She is addicted to fruit and I have found myself counting on the same thing to get me through the day.

What did I look like?
This is a picture taken back in April when I was maybe 194ish.

 photo photo_zpsf72168bf.jpg

I hate this picture. First of all that shirt choice makes me look pregnant and my face and ass are huge to me. My sister keeps telling me that she can see my weight loss in my face and chest. I look forward to the day I actually drop a few sized and it is very noticeable.

I look forward to seeing what next week brings! We have a birthday party for my Mother and Nephew next Sunday so I think with the right amount of planning, I should be able to go and even enjoy a little birthday cake.

Thanks for reading!

2012 seemed to be the best year so far for the much-loved Pumpkin Patch.  My husband keeps asking me why I go through so much to make the patch every year when usually I don’t get much yield from it – but this year showed him why.


I made a few changes this year that I really think made a huge difference:
– Tilled the soil and added organic soil.
– Used only established plants from the local nursery.
– When planting, I used an organic fertilizer which includes seashells

The starts aligned and we ended up with a fantastic result!

Once the vines started to rot, we brought the boys out to the patch and we harvested the pumpkins and gourds.


We then took the lot and brought them up on the deck to count them – 66!


Once washed and dried off, I used them to decorate the house for fall and I love how they came out!



We did also get one carvable Jack-O-Lantern but she had a bit of trauma inside the patch and so we put her outside next to out other store-bought pumpkins so at least she has a purpose.

This past weekend I spent some time outside clearing out the patch in prep for next season – can’t wait!

Wow.  It has been since January 2012 that I have posted here.  I can’t believe that tomorrow is September 1, 2012.

I know exactly where the year went and I hope it never comes back.  It’s been a sucky 2012 I think.  I feel that way I guess.

I hope to be posting more in the future.  I’m still knitting.  Still doing my pumpkin patch and have tons of pictures I could post.  Facebook kinda took the need for the blog away, I guess.

Please check back if you have not given up on me.


I don’t think anyone cares that we do the holiday party after the holidays are over. We have been at this for quite a few years now, and we all feel that doing the party in January of the following year gives us more time to prepare and we don’t have to squeeze it in during a busy December.

Each year we rotate where the Holiday Party takes place and this year I offered up my house. Cesar took the boys out for a bit and the girls and I enjoyed an afternoon of making Cinnamon Rolls from scratch, a sit-down luncheon and opening gifts from our secret Craft Day Girl! As always, we all had a great time!

Danielle loved making the Cinnamon Rolls with me as they were an item that came highly recommended. The recipe for the Cinnamon Rolls can be found here. We thought they were good.



After a nice sit-down lunch, we all sat and opened gifts:




We had a great time and I can’t wait to see who I get this year!  We also took a group shot that I think came out pretty great!


I could technically double title this post and put some FO’s into it. Two of the gifts that I made for my Craft Day Girl, Michelle were homemade (well, 3 were but we did not take a picture of the Shopping Pads I made her.










{FO} Baby Girl silhouette

I loved making the ones for my boys and really thought Michelle would like one of her daughter. I secretly e-mailed her husband to take a few photos of their cutie and from those I was able to make a silhouette! I love how it came out!

{FO} Lace Fingerless Mitts
The pattern in a free Ravelry Download:

Such a great pattern to work with and a very quick knit. If someone can teach me how to not let ladders run up my double-pointed needle knitting, I would kiss them. It is not noticeable when worn, but I sure could tell. I guess I have loosened up on my knitting in my old age! I used to knit so darn tight! Anyway, they still came out great and I have heard that they came in handy at Michelle’s work this last week!


Thank God you are here.  2011 is best summed up as an emotional rollercoaster.  Many ups and downs which changed every day.  When 2012 was on our doorstep at the end of December, it was almost like a huge sign of relief.  I’m so glad you are here.  A new beginning.  The past is the past and this year better not be like last year (besides the snow of course, we could always use some of that right now – but dammit, if we lose power because of it, I am going to be pissed!)

I’m doing my best to start 2012 on a huge monster positive note.  I think many people could use one of those right now.  Let’s look at last year’s resolutions and see how I did.  I don’t think I did too badly!

1. Paint the upstairs (DONE!)
2. Plant bulbs in the fall (been wanting to do this for the last 2 years) (DONE)
3. Finish my Christmas Scrapbook (Hmm.  I worked on it and only 3 pages left)
4. Finish Becky’s Shawl (I worked on it, but it got pushed aside for some other things)
5. Lose weight (It is always on this type of list, right?) (I did lost 10 lbs in the spring but gained it back)
6. Save money and set up a savings plan (DONE!)
7. Work on Alex’s baby book (oops – did not even touch this one)
8. Get back to working on the Operation Organization (Done!)
9. Blog more (Eh – I think I blogged ok until the end of the year)
10. Get caught up with all my pictures/uploading. (Eh – did ok)
11. Empty my Camcorder and get everything onto DVD’s. (Worked on it and got a lot done)

Some good things that happened in 2011 were:
– Christian started Pre-School and loved it
– Alex got the “all-clear” from the dermatologist
– Work did crazy well and we had the most amazing year.
– We had a few nice Cape Cod vacations
– Took the boys to Thomas and Polar Express and they saw their first movie in the theatre.
– Cesar’s job is going very well
– Our family survived some health scares and we can start 2012 saying that everyone is happy and healthy

So now onto 2012 Resolutions which I think I will break up into 2 sections and I think I may print this out and tack it to the fridge so I can actually remember what I need to do!

1. Really lose weight.  Read up on Diabetes and Heart Disease.  These two things run in my family and I don’t want to get them.  If I continue eating like I have been these last few months, they could be on my doorstep as I get older.

2. Take control.  If something is going on that I don’t like, work on ways to manage it or change it.  Nobody else can do this for me.

3. Learn when to keep my mouth shut.  I don’t always have to have the last word.

4. Pick my battles.  I often find I pick the wrong ones and I make way more stress for myself.

Crafts / Home Improvements / Kids / Family

1. Finish Becky’s Shawl

2. Take all videos off the camcorder

3. Finish decorating the Laundry Room

4. Install new fence outside (Cesar and our new neighbor will be doing this together)

5. Finish Christmas Scrapbook

6. Get Christian’s Baby Book up to date

7. Fabric-cover Alex’s 5 mini baby books

8. Give Alex a new bedroom

9. Be a better parent.  Play more, teach more, yell a LOT less

10. Potty Train Alex

11. Organize Photos

12. Make more ME time.

13. Say “Thank You” a lot more to those around me who care about me.

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2012!



We can thank the time change for this little blog post.  My children have adjusted just fine to having one more hour in the day, but I sure have not.  Getting up at 5:30am is not my norm but it sure does help fit in some little extra things into my day!

Over the last year or so, I have been finding some craft blogs to help me do silhouettes of the boys for the house.  I always loved the look of these pictures as my mother had them up in our house (not of us kids though, of some random kids!).

I came across one blog that taught you how to take a picture of your subject and make the silhouette from the computer.

Just a quick instruction of what I did:

1. I asked the boys to stand in front of a white door in the house.  For Alex who could not quite get what I was trying to do, I placed a train up on a door knob and asked him to look at it.

2. I took multiple pictures of the boys just so I had a few options.  I really advise this because out of maybe 10 pictures, there were only 1 or 2 that came out good enough to use.

3. I uploaded the pictures to the computer and picked out the best one to use.

4. In a graphic design program (I used Pagemaker, but InDesign would have been my 1st choice had I had it at home), and imported the picture and increased the size to fit an 8.5×11 paper.

5. I printed that out and attached a black piece of card stock to the back of it with tape and started cutting around the picture.

6. I then mounted that picture onto card stock and framed it!




I absolutely love how they came out. I hung them in the hallway between the living room and the bedrooms and they really added something special in that area of the house. We have been living in this house for about 6 years and never had anything hung in that hallway. Ahhh felt good to fill that space with something so meaningful to me!

On the mat of the picture, in pencil, I wrote in the date, their names, and their age. Every time I walk down this hallway and look at these pictures, I smile. I look forward to having these up there forever to always remind me of what cutie boys they were.

Can you believe that it is October already?  I have lost track of this year completely.

One of the things I did not lose track of this year was my beloved pumpkin patch.


I spent many summer evenings wondering around the patch excited to see what new things were growing. Here are some of the patch’s most beautiful fruits:



When Irene came, unfortunately some of the fruit, including my mini pumpkins, did not make it. It was a very sad day to see that since I had about 4-5 of them growing.

Thankfully come mid-September, when the vines started to get old and grey, my boy and I went out to the patch and harvested the gourds. It was so much fun doing this with Christian. I can’t wait to do it again next year.




Come May next year, I will be working closely with the wonderful people at Harvey’s Nursery and they are going to help me find the right soil mix to grow my pumpkins. Apparently, I have been putting in all the wrong stuff! Go figure!


Happy harvest time!


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